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Summer Law Clerks at Supreme Court. In recent years, the Department of the Navy Office of the General Counsel (DON OGC) has hired 6 - 7 second year law students each year to work for ten - twelve weeks as summer law clerks. In December 2010, Executive Order 13562 established the Pathways program for federal agencies to provide internships to students. Under the Department of the Navy (DON) Pathways guidance, the DON Office of the General Counsel (OGC) will continue to hire 6 -7 second year law students under the new program. These positions are paid at the GS-9 level, including any approved locality pay increase. Recruitment starts in the early fall and extends through early November. Eligibility for this program is restricted to students who will have completed two full years of law school at the start of their summer clerkships and satisfy law student requirements, please see Information for Law Students.

To learn more about the OGC Summer Law Clerk experience, please see the Summer Law Clerks Newsletter.

Some of the law clerks hired each year are interested in a career as a Navy Intellectual Property attorney in the summer law clerk program. (Individuals interested solely in pursuing an Intellectual Property Law specialization must have adequate technical background, usually evidenced by an engineering degree, or a degree in the physical sciences, computer sciences, or mathematics.)

On average, OGC has made "advance commitment" to about 70 percent of the summer law clerks.


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