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General Counsel - Paul L. Ooostbur Sanz
General Counsel
General Counsel of the Navy
Paul L. Oostburg Sanz
Principal Deputy General Counsel
Anne M. Brennan
Principal Deputy General Counsel - Anne M. Brennan
Principal Deputy General Counsel
  Deputy General Counsel - Garrett L. Ressing
Deputy General Counsel
Deputy General Counsel
Garrett L. Ressing

Ronald J. Borro Ronald J. Borro
Associate General Counsel (Litigation)
Ronald J. Borro's Biography
Robert D. Hogue Robert D. Hogue
Counsel to the Commandant, USMC
Robert D. Hogue's Biography
Catherine Kessmeier Catherine Kessmeier
Assistant General Counsel (Acquisition Integrity)
Catherine Kessmeier's Biography
Catherine Donovan Catherine Donovan
Assistant General Counsel (Financial Management & Comptroller)
Catherine Donovan's Biography
Craig D. Jensen Craig D. Jensen
Assistant General Counsel (Energy, Installations and Environment)
Craig D. Jensen's Biography
SES Joseph P. Duenas
Assistant General Counsel (Intelligence)
Joseph P. Duenas's Biography
Robert L. Woods Robert L. Woods
Assistant General Counsel (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)
Robert L. Woods's Biography
Thomas L. Franfurt Thomas L. Frankfurt
Assistant General Counsel (Research, Development and Acquisition)
Thomas L. Frankfurt's Biography
Josie C. Dristy Josie C. Dristy
Counsel, Commander Naval Installations
Josie C. Dristy's Biography
SES Vacant
Counsel, Military Sealift Command
Charles L. Bidwell Charles L. Bidwell
Counsel, Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Charles L. Bidwell's Biography
Russell P. Spindler Russell P. Spindler
Counsel, Naval Air Systems Command
Russell P. Spindler's Biography
Rebeca K. Cressy Rebecca K. Cressy
Counsel, Naval Sea Systems Command
Rebecca K. Cressy's Biography
Sandra D. Jumper Sandra D. Jumper
Counsel, Naval Supply Systems Command
Sandra D. Jumper's Biography
Diane Boyle Diane M. Boyle
Counsel, Office of Naval Research
Diane M. Boyle's Biography
Any J. Weisman Amy J. Weisman
Counsel, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Amy J. Weisman's Biography
Dean R. Berman Dean R. Berman
Counsel, Strategic Systems Programs
Dean R. Berman's Biography
Frank A. Putzu Frank A. Putzu
Counsel, Naval Reactors
Frank A. Putzu's Biography
Barry J. Plunkett III Barry J. Plunkett III
Special Counsel for Litigation
Barry J. Plunkett's Biography
John L. Forrest John L. Forrest
Patent Counsel of the Navy
John L. Forrest's Biography
Mark A. Romano Mark A. Romano
Deputy Counsel, Commandant of the Marine Corps
Mark A. Romano's Biography
Christopher J. Biglin Christopher J. Biglin
Deputy Counsel, Naval Air Systems Command
Christopher J. Biglin's Biography
SES Flag Andrew C. Saunders
Deputy Counsel, Naval Sea Systems Command
Andrew C. Saunders's Biography

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