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The General Counsel is the principal legal advisor to the Secretary of the Navy, and OGC attorneys assist the General Counsel in providing legal services to the Secretary, staff, and personnel throughout the Navy and Marine Corps. The General Counsel is appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Principal Deputy General Counsel is appointed by the President. The Deputy General Counsel, Associate General Counsels, Counsel for the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Assistant General Counsels, and the Command and some Deputy Command Counsels are Senior Executives appointed by the Secretary of the Navy. The General Counsel appoints all other OGC attorneys.

OGC consists of approximately 580 civilian attorneys plus 30 uniformed Navy and Marine Corps Judge Advocates located throughout the United States and overseas. Approximately 300 attorneys are located in Washington, D.C., with the others in 95 field offices throughout the country and abroad. OGC also includes approximately 50 Intellectual Property attorneys. The staffing within OGC Field offices can range in size from one to a dozen or more attorneys and paraprofessionals depending upon the size of the client organizations, and magnitude of the client’s workforce, assets, budget and contracting authority, multi-sited locations, and other variables.

The Central Office of OGC is comprised of OGC's senior leadership:

The Central Office also includes the

as well as a number of lawyers working in specialty legal areas such as:

There are also Offices of the Assistant General Counsels for:

These offices are located either at the Pentagon, the Washington Navy Yard, or Arlington (Crystal City), Virginia.

The Office of Counsel for the Commandant of the Marine Corps is located with Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps at the Pentagon.

Each of the Department’s principal acquisition components have a Command Counsel and a staff of attorneys to support their legal needs. They are

Our offices at Naval Air Systems Command, Naval Sea Systems Command, the Office of Naval Research, warfare centers, a Navy laboratory, and a medical center include intellectual property attorneys.

In addition to the above offices, OGC has a Counsel to the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet and Counsel to the Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Naval Forces Europe as well as numerous attorneys serving as advisors to other Naval components.

Because each component of OGC is an integral part of the client organization it serves, OGC avoids the highly structured hierarchy that characterizes the typical Government organization. Legal practice demands the closest of personal relationships among lawyers and between lawyers and their clients; therefore, OGC is managed with an emphasis on teamwork, flexibility and a minimum of formality. Whether in the Central Office, or on the staff of one of the Command Counsel, each lawyer is expected to be personally responsible for assignments. The lawyer is, of course, under the supervision of more experienced lawyers. At the same time, the lawyer represents and deals directly with the client within the Navy on the matters assigned. OGC clients include the Secretary of the Navy, Under Secretary, the Assistant Secretaries, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet, the Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Naval Forces Europe, the heads of the various business agencies of the Navy, Program Executive Officers, various Commanding Officers, the Navy's contracting officers, program managers, and other business executives. Some of these persons become clients of the OGC lawyer almost from the attorney's first day of work.

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